Susan Robb

Susan Robb's work is an on-going investigation into people, place, and our search for utopia that aims to both find and create utopic zones through site-specific, socially-engaged, and transitory art.

In 2011 Susan approached Sierra and Jim with the idea of a "light festival" as a way to work with Seattle's gloom, cut through the isolation brought on by weeks of rain, and bask in the warmth of community. Overwhelmed by the positive response in 2012, she is delighted to once again be working with Sierra to bring to Seattle a second iteration of ONN/OF.





Sierra Stinson

Sierra has always lived in the northern hemisphere of this earth and attended her first light festival in Glasgow, Scotland where the days are darker and colder due to the Siberian winds. Her birthday is at the end of January which has always been a bit depressing due to everyones lack of enthusiasm in the season - hence why she always threw parties to bring people together. Sierra is the founder of Vignettes, a two year old, one night exhibition space in her Capitol Hill apartment. Vignettes has taken on ONN/OF as a large scale collaborative production to enable illumination with Susan Robb and all of the artists that work together during this winter season towards a warm and beautiful weekend.






Jim Demetre

Jim is a Seattle-based writer and art critic. He was the publication manager at Reflex Magazine and the publisher and editor of Aorta and Artdish. His writings have appeared in the Stranger, the Seattle P-I and the Seattle Weekly. Jim made the first iteration of ONN/OF in 2012 possible by hosting it in the Ballard Sweater Factory.



Portraits by Daniel Carrillo